Arts & Entertainment: Guest Pick, Best Day Trip/Tour



6075 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Ben Stobber is a man without fear each night in “Evil Dead: The Musical” when he outfits his newly amputated arm with a chain saw to go zombie-huntin’.

Offstage, the guy who plays Ash had to overcome “a little bit of a fear of heights” to realize his bucket-list dream of a helicopter flight into the Grand Canyon.

By day, Stobber works as a concierge at Aria, taking care of the high rollers. So the Maverick helicopter tour scratched the itch to “experience what a lot of tourists come to the city to do — upscale worthwhile experiences.”

Maverick offers several tours, including a two-hour round-trip with a Champagne stop at the bottom of the canyon (the Western part of it controlled by the Hualapai tribe) for about $500 per person.

The 12-year Las Vegan remembers a previous nine-hour road trip to peer over the lip of the South Rim and get back to town in a single day. “It was quite a long ordeal.”

The helicopter ride, on the other hand, was as cool as he imagined: “Like ‘Star Wars,’ flying through the Death Star.”

And that fear of heights?

“It felt more like a motion-simulator ride if anything. Once you lifted off it was smooth sailing from there.”