Eric Cohen of Elysian Living: Wellness can come with luxury right at home

Staying healthy and being well have never been more important than in this day and age. With newsheadlines reporting hourly on Hillary Clinton’s bout with pneumonia, the possibility of the Zika mosquitodisease arriving on our doorsteps and even smoke from the California summer wildfires blowing into ourValley, we have become very conscious about our health at home.

Eric Cohen, co-founder of Elysian Living, says wellness doesn’t have to come from a drab hospital bed ordoctor’s waiting room with other patients coughing and sneezing. Eric says wellness can come with luxuryright at home:

If someone asked me 10 years ago how I would define health and wellness, I would have had a simpleanswer: Eat right, sleep well, and get in some cardio. I would’ve never imagined that my answer wouldevolve past active lifestyle or diet change to exist in the corners of our homes.

Today, my answer is quite different. Health and wellness have become highly sought after, especially whenit comes to luxury living. Obtaining health is more than just taking care of yourself, and wellness is morethan fitness.

It’s become a lifestyle defined by sleep and eating habits, social, mental and emotional well-being, self-awareness, sustainability — even where and how we live.

Luxury living, once a glimmering promise of sleek finishes, high-tech gadgets and sky views, also hasevolved its definition, and Las Vegas residents are responsible for redefining it. Living in wellness is the mostluxurious lifestyle available today. More and more, we are seeing these health-seeking consumers makedecisions based on that premise.

In 2007, I was part of the lofty high-rise club enjoying the vast Las Vegas views, but I knew that somethingwas missing. I saw that these communities and living spaces were designed with luxury in mind but lackedthe social sense of community, of belonging, and I thought to myself, “Do people actually enjoy living here?Does this place make me better?”

I teamed up with Douglas Eisner, fellow co-founder and managing director of The Calida Group, to createthe change we wanted in our own homes. We sunk our hands into every aspect of design, and the ElysianLiving brand launched its first property in 2008 with health, wellness, socialness and luxury in mind.

That’s where Elysian Well emerged at one of our flagship properties, Elysian at The District. Inspired bywhat other spaces failed to offer, we designed a fully health-focused program and built that into ourconcept, laying the foundation for our residents to lead healthy, social lives.

Elysian Well aims to improve the nutrition, mood, sleep patterns and performance of its residents and doesso through strategies, programs and technologies designed to encourage healthier and more activelifestyles.

Through this process, we discovered that people, on average, spend 90 percent of their time indoors, andindoor air can be polluted by building materials, furniture, cabinetry and damp carpet. Creating a healthyindoor living environment became our top priority in finding best-in-class wellness solutions.

Vitamin C-infused showers

The Elysian Well units at Elysian at The District are home to air purification systems, which reduce allergens,toxins, smoke and microbes from the air to provide improved and higher-quality air.

They also have water purification filtration systems to help lower exposure to impurities and harmfulchemicals for cleaner, more pure water. Through better water and air, we aim to create a better life for ourcommunity members and ourselves.

Because the Elysian brand is all about going beyond the expected, we’ve also installed vitamin C-infusedshowers to reduce chlorine and the harsh effects it can have on skin and hair. Aromatherapy is offered anduses scents to promote a calming, relaxing environment.

Room lighting is designed to align with our natural circadian rhythms to promote better sleep and energylevels. We use motion-activated illumination for minimal sleep disruption and offer dawn simulation to cuedaybreak with gradual lights and sounds.

Our business is the health and happiness of our residents, and the most luxurious amenity we can offer is acommunity built around that. Elysian at The District’s Elysian Well program is a great example of this goaland continues to help shape how Las Vegas residents live.

Whether you’ve been here all your life, are moving from out of town or just moving in general, considerElysian at The District more than just your next home, but the best move you can make. See for yourself onInstagram and Twitter at @ElysianDistrict, and online